Client: Nonna Betta 
Project Specifications: Logotype, Packaging, & Backdrop
The Challenge 
Nonna Betta is a company that specifies in pasta. Nonna Betta was founded in 2022 competing with large competitors was a critical challenge. Discussing the possibilities of the brand the potential is outstanding and they are expecting their result to reach the maximum potential. To promote their brand in the industry they partnered with Napoli Calcio where the brand is founded. This will be an advantage to be recognizable from their secondary audience
due to the collaboration with Napoli Calcio a backdrop stand with their logo on it would be a huge advantage to be seen and noticed from different aspects. The packaging design has shapes and minimal elements on it. it describes the flexibility of their pasta also it creates a harmonic style when they are placed together on a shelve. A digital billboard with a cheesy message would be an eye for Cathy towards the people and it will build a special bond between the consumers. The brand raised it’s tone of voice as a cheesy and competitive language. The industry nowadays it’s growing and the best thing to catch the people’s eye is to make it interesting without getting any distractions.
The innovation of the packaging shows that the brand is ready to compete independently. The mock-ups of the digital billboard and the backdrop stand impact how the brand would valuate itself. 
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